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Huntlee Tavern – Sun Jan 10

huntlee tavern

Huntlee Tavern is a huge new hotel in Branxton.
First time i’d played here, booked by the amazing Chris Varley.

Its a country pub all on one level, very nicely renovated with a great stage for live music.
They have bands and solos and duos there every weekend.
There’s huge floor to ceiling windows providing an excellent view of a gorgeous country vista.

The staff are friendly, as are the audience of course because they are country people.
Super down to earth and just down home and nice.

A table near me asked for the usual country hits and when I played Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band, one guy at the near by table was suddenly in total glee and excitement.

He stood up dropped his pants and turned around to show me a 20cm tattoo on his thigh of Zac Brown’s face!
Nearby patrons showed a mix of horror at the half naked heavily tattooed man and sheer excitement for him at how happy he was that I was playing a Zac Brown song!

It was this guys birthday, he was a slat of the earth guy, requesting songs and he asked me to play an original if I had any.
I played one, my song form the 90’s that I had on radio in NZ, called Perfect Memory.
Mid song his partner came up and bought 2 cds.

I’m glad this big table of people were there, they were so enthusiastic and into the music it was just a great gig for me.
Amazing for a Sunday gig – which can often be very reserved and laid back.

Hopefully Mr Varley rebooks me again at the Huntlee Tavern, it was a great first gig in a new venue.